Tuesday, July 17, 2012

One Leaves, One Comes

With IBS there are many symptoms present as most people have more than one. I am one of those lucky people.

This entry is part good and part bad. I tend to say it is a little more good than bad, but you can be the judge of that.

When one symptom leaves, another one comes. There is not really a time when the symptoms begin to dissipate. This has been my problem recently. Right when it feels like I'm making a turn for the better, I get sick and develop a new problem.

For months on end, nausea has been the most debilitating of my symptoms. No matter what I eat, no matter what pills I take, and no matter how much I sleep, I just can't shake that annoying feeling from my stomach. This has changed in the recent days, however. The nausea seems to be leaving rather rapidly, but with its departure has yielded another problem: gas.

Lots of gas.

Burping, flatulence, belching, acidic belching, and many other uncomfortable means of passing gas. I decided, using my ingenious brain of course, to calculate the number of times I would burp and fart in one hour of sitting in comparison to standing and doing physical activities.

Over the course of sixty minutes while sitting, I burped thirty-four times and flatulated  (rather than saying farted) one nine separate occasions. In total, I expelled some sort of gas from my body forty-three times. That seems like a lot, but how am I supposed to know? After all, I don't randomly calculate other people's farts. 

That is when I decided to count my farts and burps while standing. "Maybe this will show different results," I thought.

So, I conducted the test and found that I only burped nineteen times compared to the thirty-four of before. "Wow," I said. "That seems like a major difference." However, the amount of times I flatulated (for the sake of a better word) was exactly the same as before.

I'm still not exactly sure what this means, but it's apparent to me that I pass more gas while sitting. This is a good thing, I believe, becasue I tend to sit a lot, and I need the gas to come out.

Struggling With Gas 

The struggle with gas is much easier than with nausea. With gas, you get a lot of cramp pain followed by the passing of gas, but it's not bad. At least the burps and farts make it feel better.

Whereas with nausea, there is no relief. Ant-acids help somewhat, but not enough to keep my mind off the pain.

All in all, I would trade in nausea for gas any day; so I'm happy. I wouldn't mind losing both altogether, though.


...the doctor says I have pubescent IBS. In other words, it will only be temporary as I continue to mature. It could leave in as soon as six months, and could stay for as long as two years. Anyway, at least I have something to look forward to.

BM Chart: 

At the end of each post, I will comprise a list of how many bowel moments I have had since my last post (if any).

July 14 - None
July 15 - None
July 16 - None
July 17 - Two!!!

In the past four days, I have had two bowel moments after a three day drought. How can I expect to get excess gas out if I can't poop on a regular occasion.

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