Thursday, July 5, 2012


My Story

Often times I feel like I'm in a battle, and no matter how well I fight, I can't win. This is not a spiritual or physical battle per se, although I am sure they are affected. It is rather a mental struggle that swallows my daily life with stomach acids far too acidic to control. My mind clouds and becomes foggy, which in turn causes my physical  problems to peak. It is a lose - lose situation. This is why I started this blog; this is why I need your help. Losing is not apart of my usual nature, which is why a victory is paramount.

Don't let the above paragraph fool you, however. I am a fairly healthy fifteen year old male who enjoys doing a plethora of physical activities. However, my irritable bowel syndrome has limited my "fun" in more ways than one can imagine.

For instance, I can't go on long car trips without feeling sick. Believe it or not, I used to enjoy car rides. I always viewed them as a nice, peaceful sabbatical from the mundanes of "regular life" (if you can call life regular). But now, I absolutely despise long trips. Quite frankly, I think I would rather break my own bones instead of going on those dreadful sojourns.

Also, I don't have as much physical or mental freedom than I had before my illness. You might not fully understand what I mean by this, and I honestly can't blame you. Sometimes even I don't fully grasp this thought. But, I will try to explain it in the most concise way possible, albeit feeble.

Who I am 

As mentioned earlier, I am a fifteen year old male who struggles from IBS. More specifically, I am not a lazy bum who sits around a computer all day. I thought I would make that clear since most people with this condition struggle with their weight. Actually, my body is built rather on the skinny side, so I am told.

But, you can't help me fight this dreaded disease without knowing  more about me. Table tennis is my favorite sport, and I am currently seeking to join a club locally. I believe that table tennis, or pingpong if you will, is a true sport - not a recreational activity like most people think (e.g. Americans). I would leave the sport of basketball any day to be apart of a table tennis club. Call me crazy, but it's just who I am...

What is IBS? 

Well, this question is a little too broad to answer in itself. We have to narrow it down to the specifics. There are five types of IBS: IBS - C (with constipation), IBS - D (diarrhea), IBS - A (alternating between the previous two), IBS - PS (post surgical), IBS - PI (post injury). Obviously I don't have all five of these, but I can further explain which one I do in fact have.

I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome - Constipation. Most doctors say it is the worst type of IBS, so I find myself pretty unfortunate. This is yet another reason why I need your help; all the odds are against me.

More Info

There is a lot more I can say about IBS, but this topic is never ending.  Watching the video embedded below might help you understand it a little better.

This blog will be an adventure that takes you through my life with IBS. I would really like if you could join me. 

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