Monday, August 6, 2012

Wisconsin Trip - Part 2 (Middle Three Days)

Note from the IBS - Boy: This is the second part of a three part series covering my trip to Wisconsin. In this particular edition I will discuss the three days of living in Wisconsin. Also, take a peek at part 1 so you feel more unified.    

Day 1: Nothing to Do
After waking up in a strange - but nice - bed at my friends' house, I began to notice something extremely abnormal: I was feeling well. How could this be? After all, I had just traveled two long grueling days in a car over 1,000 miles; I'm not supposed to be feeling well.

Usually this is the part of the post where I dash your dreams by telling you something like: "But, I began to get sick." Or..."My luck didn't last." This time, however, my health maintained for a long time. Believe it or not, I was feeling better than I usually do at my home. Maybe the Wisconsin fresh air is all I need! 

I quickly reminded myself that it was probably just wishful thinking and that I should come back to reality. Since I haven't been feeling well in the past couple of months, I decided that I should keep those thoughts to myself; I definitely didn't want to be jinxed.

For the first time in a while, the smell of bacon sizzling in a pan was heavenly - almost spiritual. My appetite began to come back to me, and I soon found myself gorging on scrambled eggs, cinnamon and pumpkin bread, deliciously crispy bacon, and a blueberry french toast casserole. It felt so good to eat normally again. I might pack on some excess weight if my appetite stays this way, however.

Most of the time from breakfast to lunch was spent watching the Games of the XXX Olympiad on NBC. With the intensity those athletes were putting into their respected events, my full stomach began feeling queasy. Maybe watching people row a boat for six minutes straight isn't such a good idea.

After watching the Games for three hours, it was finally time for lunch. Since I felt amazing, I decided to eat heavily. I know that it wasn't the best thing to do at the time, but what can I say? I felt perfect and I wanted to eat normally! 

Like breakfast, lunch treated my stomach and intestines very well. A tiny bit of burping followed my lunch binge, but that is to be expected when you eat 1,200 in one sitting. I was just hoping it wouldn't come back to bite my in the rear-end.

Fortunately, it didn't. Which was a good thing too, becasue I had a wedding to attend in three hours, and I had to feel perfect for this occasion. With all of the greasy food they were serving there, one slip up could cost me the whole vacation. Game face on.

The Wedding

Making it through the actual ceremony was not challenging at all. It was only a twenty minute service, so it didn't give me much time to think about any possible stomach issues. After all, pondering the plethora of things that could go wrong with you during a wedding service is not a very relaxing thing.  

The real challenge was the wedding reception where there was tons of unhealthy food, alcoholic drinks, sick people, and tons and tons of waiting - which is, indeed, the very thing I dread most. But, after two hours of waiting, our meal was served, and it actually looked quite good. 

After eating the entree with pleasure, I tried to resist the temptation of eating that wonderfully looking wedding cake. But, I succumbed to the temptation shortly after gazing upon the five tiered cake. Apparently my stomach spoke louder than my mind. 

Overall, the day went well – just like the day before. However, with a Sunday get together with some of my old friends looming, I was a little afraid my body wouldn’t respond well to the food I would be eating. Hopefully it could take just one last heavy meal. 

Day 2: Church and the Friend Get Together
I woke feeling great, yet again. What was happening? I wasn’t about to question my amazing health, however, so I walked downstairs into the kitchen expecting my poor appetite to be back. But, it wasn’t. In fact, it was even better than yesterday’s. 

Travelling back to my old church was a neat experience. I didn’t recognize too many people that attend the church anymore, but it was still fun to relieve the golden days – if you will. 

After the church service ended, my former friends and I went out to a burger joint to get some food and to discuss what has happened since I was last here. 

The whole time I was visiting with them, not once did I even think about being ill. Maybe it was the Wisconsin air that was making me feel so well. But, again, I told myself to shaddup and to start thinking realistically.  

When I returned to my friend’s house – the people who were housing me – I decided to go on a nice, long walk. It was the first time I had experienced my former neighborhood in four years, and I didn’t like the thought of returning to my current home; it was just too good here. Even though the walk was emotional, it did distract my mind from thinking about my illness. Then again, I wasn’t feeling bad at all, so I didn’t even know if I should’ve called it an illness at the time. 

In my usual synopsis of the day, I will say that it went very well. It was another day without pain which equated to another day with more gain. Let's hope tomorrow will treat me just as kindly...

Day 3: Absolutely Nothing to Do 
Sometimes doing absolutely nothing is one of the most fun things you can do. However, this was the type of nothing that lead to boredom and the questioning of your existence. At least my stomach felt well...

No, but seriously, there is nothing to write about on this day. All I did was say my goodbyes to people I wouldn't be seeing again and started preparing for the ride home the next day. 

The only thing I could hope for was a good night's rest without any interruptions from my stomach. If I could get that much, I would be absolutely fine for the return trip.

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